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With Geo…

Experience Unlimited Reach

Break down the barriers of traditional marketing and experience limitless potential. No advertising space is off-limits. Reach customers as they head to venues, walk up the high street, attend events, and dine out with friends. Send customers instant rewards at the touch of a button, wherever they are.

With Geo…

Harness the Power of Social Sharing

Experience the true potential of social sharing. GeoRewards™ have the power to spread from friend to friend to friend… to customer to customer to customer. Our growing interconnected community encourages peer-to-peer sharing so your rewards go further than ever before.

With Geo…

Grab Customers in Real-Time

Hit customers where it matters the most—their smartphones. Be reactive with your rewards and grab people’s attention at a moment’s notice. Alternatively, place instant proximity rewards over your brick and mortar premises to delight customers as they walk through the door.

With Geo…

Share Absurdly Magical Moments

Share the joy of absurdly magical moments. The Geo World is an astounding and vast place where businesses can join hands with engaged users to share remarkable rewards. We want to make the exceptional an everyday occurrence. Join us in doing just that!

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