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Getting started with Geo for Business is simple. No upfront costs, no red tape, and no hassle. Follow three easy steps:

Go to Business Portal and sign up.
Set up your free business profile.
Start creating your campaigns.

Create captivating campaigns.

Engage customers with eye-opening GeoRewards™. Our direct digital marketing platform allows you to put surprising offers directly directly into the hands of customers.

GeoRewards™ promote your business while rewarding customers. From special discounts to 2-4-1 deals, the offers dazzle and attract customers.

Hint: Make your campaigns exclusive, timely, and intriguing to win new customers.

Create a campaign

Learn more about launching captivating campaigns on Geo for Business!

Position campaigns & target the perfect customers.

No space is off limits! With Geo for Business, reach potential customers based on their geographical location and personal interests in real time.

Position your
Geo Zones.

Position Geo Zones on the map and attach campaigns. As customers enter the area, instant location-based alerts tell them about your GeoReward™.

Reach customers
in real-time.

Position campaigns over audiences and go live instantly. React to live events or launch timely happy hours that activate at a moment's notice.

Target customers based on their interests.

Gain high-quality impressions and increase your chance of success! Choose categories for your campaign and only target users that share those interests.

Costing & setting your budgets.

Money matters. When it comes to marketing your business with Geo, you have complete control of your budget.

Only get charged when GeoRewards™ hit customers’ phones with the clear pay-per-impression model. Simply set your maximum budget using the dashboard.

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