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Sheffield, Don’t Let Customers Pass You By

Experience a world of connected customers at your fingertips. Hook customers with attractive digital promotions sent directly to their smartphones. Watch your offers capture the attention of friendship groups with social sharing. Offer absurdly magical moments that build brand loyalty before they walk through your door.

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Introducing Geo for Business

Reach customers around your business by sending quality GeoRewards™ directly to their smartphones. Stop customers in their tracks with vibrant digital promotions. Hook their attention when it matters the most to bring them through your door, and watch as your promotions circulate from friend to friend instantly.

Grab customers with GeoRewards™

Engage customers with eye-opening GeoRewards™. From bars and restaurants to shops, the promotions help all types of business create a sense of brand loyalty and keep customers coming back for more.

Don’t let them pass you by

Reach customers whenever they are around your business through their smartphones using the latest geofence technology. Target customers by their interests and instantly give them a reason to visit your business.

Watch great offers go further

The better quality your GeoReward™ is, the more likely it is to go further. When customers interact with your promotions, they automatically circulate through their social network.

Only pay when you make an impression

The clear pay-per-impression model means you only get charged when a customer sees your GeoReward™. You have total control. There are no setup fees, no subscription, and no risks.


Share in Absurdly Magical Moments

GeoRewards™ change the way you do offers forever. From exclusive follower discounts and limited-time offers to mass awareness campaigns, you choose the absurdly magical moments to share with customers.

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The perks of using Geo for Business.

Experience the limitless potential of direct digital marketing. Geo puts the power in business owners’ hands with phenomenal perks.

Experience Limitless Reach

Level the Playing

Outsmart the Competition

Go Greener with Promotions

Unlock the Potential of Offers

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Once you’ve seen the results for yourself, go again and create your next campaign.  

Businesses Signed Up


Once you’ve seen the results for yourself, go again and create your next campaign.  

Target customers like never before.

Enjoy cutting-edge geofencing technology at your fingertips! Reach potential customers based on their real-time geographical location and personal interests.

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Directly into the hands of customers.

Geo for Business helps you put your offers directly into customers’ hands. Powered by geofence technology, our marketing platform gives you the chance to reach audiences in real-time.

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